Muzica ta de petrecere o poti gasi numai aici!

*** Radio ETNO Romania ***
*** Radio Banat Live ***
*** Radio TV Unirea ***
*** Radio Lipova ***
*** Radio Lautaru ***
*** Radio Petrecaretzu ***
*** Radio Intens Romania ***
*** Traditional Popular ***
*** Radio Viper Popular ***
*** Radio Popular ***
*** Radio Amor Petrecere ***
*** For You FM Nasaud ***
*** Radio Star Dj Populara ***
*** ForYouFM SIGHET ***
*** Radio Folclor ***
*** Dor De Casa ***
*** Radio EtnoVest ***
*** Radio Star U.S.A. ***
*** Radio Iubire Magica ***
*** Radio Romanian Popular ***
*** Sarbe-RADIO ROMANIA ***
*** Radio iZ FM ***
*** Radio FUNKY Manele ***
*** Radio HiTFM ***

**Printre manelisti se enumera: guta, salam, minune, adrian, laura vass, peste, play aj, vijelie, copilu de aur, florin, cercel, nicu paleru, juve, susanu, asu, dani printul banatului.**
** Also, you can share stations with friends who like Hip Hop, Latino, Dubstep etc.**
** A variety of music genres is what makes this app special, you can listen to Rock, Dance, Jazz, House and other. In this app you will find many radio stations.**
** If you are searching for different genres of music in one place internet radio will have you covered. Whether you want to keep in touch with the latest hits or enjoy the oldies and want to have a radio that broadcasts Country, Rock or Pop music, you will find it in this android app. This application comes with the diversity of stations available on the web, so you are sure to find something that is quite to your taste.**
** Finding web radio for your android phone or tablet has never been easier. Press play, sit back and enjoy!**

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